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US-2002142927-A1: Azeptrope-like composition of 1-chloro-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropane and hydrogen fluoride patent, US-2002143260-A1: Pressure-pulse-wave detecting apparatus patent, US-2002143655-A1: Remote ordering system for mobile commerce patent, US-2002144336-A1: Child-proof eyewear retainer strap assembly patent, US-2002144597-A1: Light hydrocarbon separation using 8-member ring zeolites patent, US-2002150570-A1: Anti-CCR2 antibodies and methods of use therefor patent, US-2002151006-A1: Methods of ligating expressed proteins patent, US-2002151469-A1: Low oxygen affinity mutant hemoglobins patent, US-2002151723-A1: Benzimidazole derivatives, their production and use patent, US-2002152799-A1: Multiple stage system for aerodynamic testing of a vehicle on a static surface and related method patent, US-2002153792-A1: Multi-phase flat-type PM stepping motor and driving circuit thereof patent, US-2002153886-A1: Magnetic sensor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2002155146-A1: Liquid crystalline polymers patent, US-2002155313-A1: Reducing metals as a brazing flux patent, US-2002156025-A1: Inhibition of vacuolar proton ATPase activity and/or the modulation of acidic organelle function sensitizes cells to radiation, chemotherapy and biological agents patent, US-2002156354-A1: Pulse oximetry sensor with improved spring patent, US-2002158178-A1: Adjustable lockable tandem slide for boat seat patent, US-2002158265-A1: Structure and method for fabricating high contrast reflective mirrors patent, US-2002158879-A1: Graphic output unit and a graphic output system patent, US-2002160986-A1: Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI patent, US-2002161003-A1: Method and compositions for the eradication and control of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria and the prevention of the development of antibiotic drug resistance in said bacteria patent, US-2002161113-A1: Hyperbranched polyureas, polyurethanes, polyamidoamines, polyamides and polyesters patent, US-2002163769-A1: Multiple terminal capacitor structure patent, US-2002164174-A1: Developing apparatus patent, US-2002164578-A1: Nucleic acid molecules encoding glutx and uses thereof patent, US-2002166278-A1: Dual powered illuminated fiber optic gun sight patent, US-2002168901-A1: Genderless, high current electrical connector with auxiliary contacts patent, US-2002168929-A1: Cutting blade patent, US-2002172702-A1: Topical composition comprising a functionally acylating cosmetic bonding agent patent, US-2002173779-A1: Laser system for corneal grafting patent, US-2002178651-A1: Process for the production of low ash fuel patent, US-2002178905-A1: Enriched cobalt-tin swashplate coating alloy patent, US-2002179149-A1: Parallel divided flow-type fluid supply apparatus, and fluid-switchable pressure-type flow control method and fluid-switchable pressure-type flow control system for the same fluid supply apparatus patent, US-2002179714-A1: Photographic processing system patent, US-2002179777-A1: Movable surface plane patent, US-2002180725-A1: System and method for synchronization of video display outputs from multiple PC graphics subsystems patent, US-2002188155-A1: Process for the production of aromatic acids patent, US-2002189773-A1: Creping blade, creped paper, and method of manufacturing paper patent, US-2002190185-A1: Seat suspension shock absorber patent, US-2002191151-A1: Spectacles frame patent, US-2002194411-A1: Processor design with improved condition sensing patent, US-2002195741-A1: Lost core method for producing a hollow structure patent, US-2002197882-A1: Temperature spike for uniform nitridization of ultra-thin silicon dioxide layers in transistor gates patent, US-2002198794-A1: Inventory management system for determining suggested part stocking levels for a vehicle dealer patent, US-2003000037-A1: Brush with a wedge plate patent, US-2003000794-A1: Multiple disk in oil bath clutch for a vehicle drive train, especially for a speed difference sensing clutch patent, US-2003001304-A1: Process for the manufacture of boards of ligneous material patent, US-2003003744-A1: Semiconductor chip configuration and fabrication method patent, US-2003004484-A1: Disposable absorbent article having releasable and reattachable positioning flaps patent, US-2003005220-A1: Storage control unit and storage system patent, US-2003005964-A1: Low-cost stream switching system patent, US-2003006755-A1: Micro-tools patent, US-2003006917-A1: Variable length encoding method and variable length encoder patent, US-2003008130-A1: Particle board and method of making the same patent, US-2003010100-A1: Cantilever for vertical scanning microscope and probe for vertical scan microscope patent, US-2003010326-A1: In-line fuel conditioner patent, US-2003012025-A1: Party lamp patent, US-2003012631-A1: High temperature substrate transfer robot patent, US-2003013034-A1: Process and device for fusing toner onto a carrier medium or print substrate patent, US-2003013258-A1: Photomask esd protection and an anti-esd pod with such protection patent, US-2054013-A: Signal device patent, US-2003017782-A1: Roller coaster toy patent, US-2003018006-A1: In vivo electroporation-mediated cytokine/immunocytokine-based antitumoral gene patent, US-2003019013-A1: Sweat-absorbing headgear patent, US-2003019140-A1: Label and sign holder patent, US-2003024654-A1: Pleated shade patent, US-2003027806-A1: Triptolide analogs for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders patent, US-2003029044-A1: Foldable eating utensil patent, US-2003029287-A1: Device for positionally-accurate accommodation of a secondary member on a carrier patent, US-2003029459-A1: Earplug with stiffener patent, US-2003030046-A1: Hoisting mechanism patent, US-2003030583-A1: System and method of emergency apparatus pre-deployment using impulse radio radar patent, US-2003033594-A1: System, method and article of manufacture for parameterized expression libraries patent, US-2003033694-A1: Interlocking closure device patent, US-2003034534-A1: Sensor apparatus using an electrochemical cell patent, US-2003038702-A1: Heat concentrating barrel for wire heater in dual element fuses patent, US-2003039115-A1: Vapor generating lampshade apparatus patent, US-2003039955-A1: Compositions and methods for production of RNA viruses and RNA virus-based vector particles patent, US-2003040585-A1: Crystalline polyester patent, US-2003041811-A1: Propeller harness truck tethering device patent, US-2003042442-A1: Servo-shutter mechanism patent, US-2003042951-A1: Variable delay circuit and method, and delay locked loop, memory device and computer system using same patent, US-2003043565-A1: Tape carrier package patent, US-2003047472-A1: Golf rack bag patent, US-2003049853-A1: 13C glucose breath test for the diagnosis of diabetic indications and monitoring glycemic control patent, US-2003056974-A1: Grommet equipped with resin inner sleeve and method of installing the grommet patent, US-2003057726-A1: Axially compressible bow patent, US-2003058913-A1: CO2 slab laser having electrode assembly including ventilated insulators patent, US-2003059136-A1: Dynamic pressure bearing and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2003061186-A1: Statistical deconvoluting of mixtures patent, US-2003062473-A1: Method for calibrating a mass spectrometer patent, US-2003063466-A1: Optical system for a fresnel lens light, especially for a spotlight or floodlight patent, US-2003066402-A1: Die cutter blanket-anvil locking arrangement patent, US-2003066499-A1: Piston assembly for use in a free piston internal combustion engine patent, US-2003066967-A1: Infrared detecting element, infrared two-dimensional image sensor, and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2003067204-A1: Seat with a vertical rubber panel patent, US-2003067767-A1: Portable energy-saving lighting device patent, US-2003067816-A1: Column redundancy system and method for embedded dram devices with multibanking capability patent, US-2003069219-A1: Core modified porphyrins patent, US-2003070369-A1: Stair module support and leveling system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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